NBA free agency officially began at 12:01am EST today and literally billions of dollars have been committed to players around the league while some of the biggest names like Kevin Durant, Al Horford and Dwight Howard have still yet to sign.

One of the early deals that really got #BasketballTwitter riled up this morning was Timofey Mozgov's 4-year $64 million deal with the Lakers. Yes, you read that right. 

Evan Turner signed a 4-year $70 million deal with the Blazers, Evan Fournier inked a 5-year $85 million contract to stay in Orlando and Nick Batum got $120 million to remain in Charlotte. This is not a drill!

Of course, everyone knew the free agents would be receiving boat loads of money this off-season due to the increased salary cap, but that doesn't mean we were prepared for all of these insane contracts.

Here's how twitter reacted once the ball really got rolling on the NBA's wild first day of free agency.