In a recent interview with RapFix Live, MMG emcee Gunplay opened up about substance abuse, cocaine specifically. 

"I was on cocaine since, like, 10 years, 12 years, something like that. I wasn't junkified where I was stealing stuff and stuff like that, but it was my thing," he said. As the years went by, he grew tired of using, and in 2008, made the decision to quit.

"That happened Memorial Day weekend" he said. "I was on the beach, I was just goin' hard and just took my last blast and said, 'Man, I'm tired of my nose hurtin', tired of looking all drawed up... Within myself, I said if I really wanna get this money, if I really wanna take this serious and not let my family and friends down, let me go ahead and do the right thing. I took my last blast and that was it."

Gunplay believes the decision has made him a better artist. 

"The drugs just enhance what you're thinking but when you're sober, you speak from the heart and it's not just rambling on - it makes sense," he said. "Now you get to analyze every word and every bar and you make sure everything is on time."

Sounds good to us.