We got our host Damon Campbell, who you may have seen recently interview Caskey, to have a sit-down with female rapper on the come-up, Snow Tha Product, for a discussion about her Latin roots as well as some randomness, in typical Damon form, such as about the time Snow closed the gap between her teeth without the help of braces.

Campbell met up with Snow after a show in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and they kick off the conversation talking about Snow's fast-paced rhymes. Snow soon discusses her very first rap, a "Hood Hop" remix.

"Haha..Oh fuck this," Snow said, surprised by the question. ""Hood Hop" was the first track I ever remixed...And it was yeah, my first line was fucking stupid, 'I'm the whole enchilada' some shit, and it made everybody kinda be like, 'oh you should be a rapper.' I really took the word and ran with it, like, here we are. I'm a rapper now."

The femcee also discussed her Latin background, and revealed how her mother actually has a slightly Filipino accent because she was taught English by an Asian co-worker. "My mom doesn't have the typical Mexican accent. She has a little bit of an Asian accent to it. And it's because she learned it from an Asian woman that worked where she worked. That's so weird. You know me too well," Snow told us.

Snow has become the first Latina rapper signed to a major label, although she doesn't necessarily curtail to typical Chicano rap, something which she has received a bit of flack for.

As Snow explains it, "Chicano rap is a genre in its own, and its got its own fan base and its respected. When I grew up I knew it was there and I listened to it and everything because it represented who I am. But at the same time I listen to hip-hop just as much. And it was almost like I'm not stepping away from that, I'm not tryna say that that's not a good representation of Latinos but at the same time I just grew up listening to this, and this is the route I'm talking. And you can't criticize me or say I'm less of Hispanic person for not being into that."

Check out the full interview below to find out more interesting facts about Snow Tha Product. We also premiered her "Doing Fine" visual the other week, catch it here.