The NHL is commissioning legendary West Coast rapper Snoop Dogg to help usher in a new series of videos that will explain the logistics of hockey to a casual viewer.  

The clips will be aptly titled "Snoop 101" and will provide an informative set of tutorials for people who have little knowledge about the sport, but are trying to parse all the different rules and regulations that dictate behaviour on the ice. 

Deadline reveals that this interesting pairing was first discussed last year. "One of the things we noticed when Snoop came to our All-Star game a couple years ago in Los Angeles was not only is he Snoop and everybody loves him, but he really loves hockey," reveals Steve Mayer, the executive vice president of the NHL. "He knows the players, he knows the game, and we started talking back then about how he feels like he can help promote the game."

Mayer also adds that this collaboration is "entertainment for the avid. There are things that people will see in these pieces that they’ll go, ‘Ah, I knew that’ — but the way Snoop tells you about it is entertaining. And by the way, when you finish watching his piece on offside, you’re gonna know what offside is."

The first video in the series went live on Wednesday through the league's social media accounts, and can also be found on Peep a preview clip below: