Snoop Dogg just became a minority shareholder in Klarna, a tech giant founded and based out of Sweden. The rapper talked to Forbes about his foray into the foreign investment. "I've been doing business in Europe for years with fashion brands, telecommunication companies and more," Snoop tells Forbes.

Klarna offers over 100,000 retailers across a fanciful buy-now-pay-later service. The company even expanded its operations to the American shoreline. Snoop's secondary investment in the company is for an undisclosed amount. The public figure will also be counted on to assume the  "Smoooth Dog" gimmick in the brand's next marketing campaign. 

"We have been on this smoooth journey for quite a while,” Klarna's CEO Sebastian Siemiatkowski told Forbes in the same communique. He's not lying either, Klarna has been running the "Smoooth" viral campaign since 2016. Siemiatkowski says the company's marketing looked far and wide in search of the smooothest person alive.

It only helps that Mr. Smoooth has the bankroll to match his Smoooth demeanor. Klarna reps reportedly made first contact, putting feelers out in the smooothest manner possible. And Snoop is keen to learn about the tech industry, so long as there is money to be made. The earliest evidence of Snoop Dogg's dealings in the tech field was as an early-stage angel investor in a marijuana delivery service in Cali.