While other rappers of his generation have yet to finesse the finer points of technology, the legendary Snoop Dogg has mastered the art of the Gram. In fact, few have kept their ear to the cultural pulse like the Doggfather; he should know, having engaged in spirited tilts with clout-hungry miscreants like WoahVicky and Celina Powell. In true Snoop fashion, he made short work of them, giving himself ample time to bask in the mindless glories the internet has to offer. To nobody's surprise, Snoop has been milking every last drop out of the now iconic Cardi B meme, and this time, it's at Drake's expense.

His followers already know that Snoop is all about spreading the meme love, and today is not different. As seen below, Snoop poked fun at Drake and Rihanna's failed romance, suggesting that Drake was the one who left the split nursing a broken heart. Snoop's emoji spectrum tells an interesting tale, with a shushing emoji, a thinking emoji, a pondering emoji, and a few tounge-out emojis for good measure. Clearly, Snoop seems to enjoy sipping his weed tea. 

Check out the meme below, and keep an eye out for Snoop's upcoming Clout Chasers show, which should drop in the imminent future.