Matthew McConaughey is at a high point in his career. After being considered the goofy guy who played in some chick flicks for years, McConaughey lined up prestigious and memorable movie roles. Since 2013, McConaughey has been in Dallas Buyers Club, The Wolf On Wall Street, Interstellar, The Dark Tower, and True Detective. It appears that McConaughey may be taking a quick step back from his more serious roles, as he currently wrapped production for The Beah Bum. 

The Beach Bum is a film about a stoner, and that's pretty much all that has been released. The plot for the film is being kept under wraps, but we do know it is a comedy. Zac Efron, Martin Lawrence, Jonah Hill, and Jimmy Buffet will all feature in the film as well. McConaughey visited Jimmy Kimmel Live! to speak about the film on Monday (May 21) and revealed that Snoop got him high on set without his knowledge. 

"What's the most notable thing Snoop did during your work time together?" asked Kimmel. "He 'Snooped' me," responds McConaughey. "You know what being 'Snooped' is?" After Kimmel confirmed that he can guess what it means, McConaughey continued with the story. "My particular 'Snooping' was all recorded," he begins. "It was a scene where I'm going to Snoop, I've got writer's block, and Snoop has the magic weed, right. I go to Snoop and I go to the prop man to make sure I've got prop weed. Now prop weed is not real weed, it's like crushed oregano and stuff. So we get in the scene, it's about a six-minute scene, passed back and forth (the weed), all of a sudden at the end he says 'Moon Dog' -That's my character- 'that ain't prop weed, that's Snoop weed.'" McConaughey claims that for the next 9 hours he couldn't speak the English language.