Within a week, Kevin Hart's life-long dream to host the Oscar's was shot down after old homophobic tweets surfaced. The comedian stepped down from his hosting duties earlier today after finally apologized (kinda) to the LGBTQ+ community. His decision to not host the Oscar's was met with mixed reception; some people believed that he shouldn't have that platform while others agreed with Hart's initial sentiment that people were being too sensitive. Snoop Dogg should be grouped in with the latter. The rapper took to Instagram to publicly give some words of wisdom to Hart.

Snoop Dogg has chimed in on Kevin Hart's situation with the Oscars. The legendary rapper took to Instagram to show his support for Kevin Hart while sh*tting on the Oscars.

"Don't trip, that ain't our kind of shit anyways. Oscars? Yeah right, come do the BET Awards, cuh. Or Soul Train," he said. "They don't care.  You a comedian, crackin' jokes... Really? Y'all want me to host it now? Nah I don't think so. I got shit to do."

Snoop Dogg then gave Kevin Hart some advice on how to deal with his situation with the Academy.

"Kevin Hart, smoke a blunt. Tell the Academy to suck a dick or die trying. Fuck 'em," he said. "We still love you, n***a."

He added, "Fuck the Grammys, too."