Veteran interviewer Nardwuar brought gifts for Snoop Dogg and learned some interesting tidbits from the "Gin and Juice" rapper. Among other things, when asked if Martha Stewart was a G, Snoop praised his Martha & Snoop's Potluck Dinner Party co-star.

"A double G," he said. "A grandmother and a good lady." He also mentioned how much the TV personality cook enjoyed spices and meat products.

Nardwuar brought a bootleg chocolate bar with the image a dog dressed up like LBC rapper, a Cuban cigar, an old Master P doll and some old hip hop records including a Kurtis Blow vinyl. They talked about West Coast culture, Snoop's younger days and revealed that Snoop used to hang out with OJ Simpson before the Hall of Fame footballer's infamous 1990s trial.

Check out the video below.