Uncle Snoop has stories for days, and today, he's sharing a few of them on The Breakfast Club. Off the bat, he kicks things off with a brief reflection on his experience at 50 Cent's extravagant Tycoon Weekend. Though Snoop didn't manage to get Wendy Williams into 50 Cent's debaucherous Party, he did take a picture with her by the entrance. As he tells it, he might have hooked her up with his wristband, as he was already on the way out. "I was in the middle of it," explains Snoop, speaking on 50's beef with Williams. "I like both of them, but I was a guest of 50. I didn't want to ruin my little invitation and get thrown out. I just wanted to be on best behavior with 50 cause he be charging fools up lately." 

Before long, the conversation shifts to I Wanna Thank Me, as well as Snoop's rekindled relationship with Suge Knight. "I wasn't meant to clash with him," reflects Snoop. "It's like brothers. Sometimes you, your brother or sister, you get into it and you be mad for a little bit but that's my brother man. Even if you was wrong or he was wrong, it becomes a place in your heart where it's like 'I need to forgive him and I need to forgive myself.' You gotta be the one to put it forward as opposed to being the one that clash." 

Randy Shropshire/Getty Images

At the ten minute mark, Envy opens the floor to discuss Glasses Malone's recent comments, in which he claimed Snoop was bigger than Pac between 92' and 96'. "You gotta understand that coming from the west, it's a different perspective than what ya'll had," explains Snoop. "At one point in time, 2Pac was on Interscope and they really wasn't pushing him. His records was always dope, but if his label wasn't giving the attention or push that Death Row had, the team or the support that we had, he wasn't looked at as big as me. In my eyes he was always as big as me or bigger than me. He was my peer, but at the same time there was a level of respect."

"It was never about him being bigger than me or me being bigger than him," continues Snoop. "I actually got him to Death Row Records. Suge, go get cuz. He need to be with us. He need a team. If you notice the Source Awards, when Snoop said all that, when Suge said all that, it was a mannequin of 2Pac in a cell. He wasn't even on Death Row - he wasn't even a thought of being on Death Row. That was me saying I want cuz to be with us. I want New York to see we got Cuz back, cause we was hearing stories about things happening to him in jail, and we couldn't do nothing to help him...So when Suge went and made the deal happen to get him with us, I played the backseat. Death Row was mine - I moved out the way."