Snoop Dogg, or Snoop Lion as he now goes by, is getting ready to drop his first album under his new pseudonym. The LBC rapper who has also filmed a documentary on the making of his largely Diplo-produced project, revealed some details of his new album Reincarnated, as well as weighing in on his recent reunion with Suge Knight, and his stance on guns.

Snoop cause a bit of a stir when he posted a photo to his instagram, posing with his former Death Row partner Suge Knight. The rapper who recently called Suge, the best West Coast businessman of all time in his doc, spoke a bit about making amends with Knight. “I think time heals all wounds," he said. "And then being a bigger man and being one who accepts responsibility and right or wrong, I like saving lives, I don’t like to take lives. If that means putting my hand out saying I’m wrong, I apologize and we be cool, I’ll do that as opposed to me going behind my back, pulling a gun out and getting somebody or me doing something vicious to you.

Snoop also spoke of how he found his process very similar to that of the late Bob Marley. "Realistically I thought I was really Bob Marley reincarnated. Remember Bob Marley flew to London, and got with Chris Blackwell, which was a whiteboy, and they made magic. I flew to Jamaica and met with Diplo, a whiteboy, and made magic. Then Chris Blackwell let us use his spot."

Lion then revealed that his next single would be called "No Guns Allowed", and will feature vocals from both his daughter and Drake. The newfound Rasta weighed in on why he selected Drizzy for the track. "I knew about that certain shooting incident in Toronto, and I always loved Drake. I love him for his writing, and how he get down, and how he can deliver. He delivers great party records, but I wanted him to say something on this record. I felt like he could really say something, and address some things that needed to be said, and take the party out of it for a minute. You thinking Drake and Snoop this is gonna ba a party jam, but it's like no, no guns allowed. This is how you keep the party rockin' all night. Leave the guns out."

Finally, the Reincarnated emcee spoke of why he had chosen to speak out about guns, after glamorizing violence throughout his rap career. "Guns kill. Guns are good and bad. Good when they're in the right hands, bad when they in the wrong hands. And when they're in the wrong hands too many people suffer."

Watch the full interview below.