With I Wanna Thank Me set to arrive in the imminent future, one thing has become abundantly clear. Snoop Dogg has once again embraced his Death Row roots. Yesterday marked the release of the album's latest single "Let Bygones Be Bygones," which found the Doggfather exploring some unexpected territory. Which is to say, a public olive branch extended to none other than Suge Knight, his former Death Row boss and eventual rival. As he explains it, he and Suge have already squashed the rivalry, but his latest song confirms the rekindling once and for all.

Today, Snoop has once again moved to keep Death Row upside our heads with another Throwback post - it's fair to say his Instagram page has become a must-follow, for fans of both memes and hip-hop history alike. The latest arrival finds Snoop posted up alongside his fellow Death Row inmates, including 2Pac clad in his iconic attire, and Suge Knight looking bossed up in a crisp red suit.

No matter how you might feel about the man, it's clear that he helped shape hip-hop history as we know it. Simply look at the pedigree with which Suge Knight surrounded himself. Respect to Snoop Dogg for squashing one of his most long-standing and personal feuds, putting animosity aside and celebrating one of the greatest record labels of all time.