Snoop Dogg is being sued by a promoter in the Middle East who claims Snoop owes him money from a tour, and from damaging his reputation by smoking marijuana at a bar in Beirut, which is illegal.

Courthouse News Services reports that the Lebanese promoter, Roger Kalaouz and Associates, filed a suit against Snoop Dog, Doggy Style Music, and Doggy Style Music president Ted Chung, in Federal Court.

Kalaouz claims that his company promoted Snoop's first concert in the Middle East, a show on August 20th 2009 at the Forum in Beirut, Lebanon. He states in the suit they spent upwards of $80,000 promoting it, "RKA performed all of its obligations under the agreement and incurred out-of-pocket expenses in excess of $800,000 directly related to promoting and arranging the concert."

The complaint continues to explain how Snoop's marijuana-smoking harmed the company, "RKA's longstanding reputation as one of Lebanon's premier entertainment promoters has been severely damages. RKA has been subjected to scrutiny and accusations due to the actions of Snoop Dogg and DSM directly arising from activities to which RKA was not a party."

Kalaouz also claims that Snoop refused to pay consulting fees for a show in Abu Dhabi.

The promoter is seeking damages on a variety of charges, including, breach of contract, fraud, concealment, conspiracy and false promise.