Snoop Dogg is one of the most entertaining men in the music industry. He continually finds ways to make us laugh and his music has proven to be timeless. As one of hip-hop's living legends, Snoop has been associated with a number of different things. For instance, his name is basically synonymous with marijuana. If someone mentions Snoop Doggy Dogg, there's a good chance weed will come up in the conversation. He's also a well-known basketball fan, cheering on the Los Angeles Lakers and being very vocal about his love of the team. This year, the group struggled and ended up missing the playoffs even with LeBron James as their star forward. With so much drama happening behind the scenes, Snoop Dogg says that he would be willing to take on the role of President of Basketball Operations if it were offered to him. He already has ideas on who he would trade for too.

Elizabeth Shrier/NBAE via Getty Images

Appearing on Jimmy Kimmel's late-night show, Snoop Dogg promoted his upcoming album I Wanna Thank Me before speaking about his experience going to Game Three of the NBA Finals and his beloved Lakers. The team is considered the heavy favourites to land Anthony Davis in a trade but it appears as though Kyle Kuzma is the piece holding back the trade. LA wants to hold on to the forward but the Pelicans are reportedly insisting on his inclusion. AD is one of the names included on Snoop's shortlist of guys he wants on the Lakers, with a few others coming up in conversation.

Jimmy Kimmel asked who Snoop Dogg would sign to the Lakers if he were in charge of the show and the first name that came to his mind was the reigning NBA Finals MVP. "Kawhi Leonard, Anthony Davis..." said the rapper before admitting that he's reached out to players to recruit them to the team. Watch his full appearance below.