On last night's episode of Power, Dru Tejada (Lovell Adams-Gray's character) was tasked with following Tariq St. Patrick at school but, when a flirty male basketball player came onto him, he got distracted and lost Tariq. After that, they ended up at the baller's place where they started kissing and undressing in a scene that many have been talking about on social media.

After watching the episode, Snoop Dogg had something to say to 50 Cent but he wasn't clear about exactly what his message was. Sharing an image of the message Snoop sent him, which is just a picture of his television screen at the time Dru and his friend were getting hot and heavy, Fif theorized on what Snoop was telling him.


"@snoopdogg must didn’t like the last episode he sent me this," said 50 Cent, sharing the picture as his own. "LOL I can hear him now, da fuck you doing to my show nephew!"

It looks like there's more to this story because, from the post, Snoop sent Fiddy more than one picture. Maybe he explained himself later on?

In the comments, people are questioning why Snoop's room looks like a frat boy's bedroom. There are shoes all over the floor and the whole place is just an overall mess. Maybe this is just the room he watches Power Book II: Ghost in? 

Vince Bucci/Getty Images

What did you think of this scene and what do you think Snoop is telling Fif?