If you followed Snoop's live performances, then you might recall Snoop Lion's uncle, June Bug who became a fixture in Snoop's live shows, often dancing to entertain the crowd. We are sorry to report that Snoop's uncle passed away earlier this morning after battling with colon cancer. 

June Bug was given a single day to live by the doctors but he fought off the advanced cancer for an entire week, showing strength that was not expected. Snoop Dogg, who was the last person to see him before his passing, wrote:

“Rip. Uncle. Bugg. U were everythang to me !! N like u said next time u c me thangs want b the same !! I’m so hurt !!!!!!:(”

Our thoughts and sympathies are with Snoop and all those affected during this time. On a lighter note, watch June Bug delight an entire crowd with his dancing during a live Snoop Dogg concert in this clip surfaced by TMZ.