It is an occupational hazard for a hotel when housing a smoke-friendly, marijuana enthusiast like Snoop Dogg, that the rooms may be adorned with smoke. In Melbourne, Australia, Snoop's hotel room was filled with so much smoke that he actually set off the fire alarm, alerting the firefighters who came rushing to the scene.

However the firefighters were far from being angry about taking time out of their day to greet a false alarm, "The guys were thrilled to meet him," said a spokeslady, according to ABC. "It's also an opportunity to remind everyone of the importance of having a working fire alarm."

The smoke was said to have come from an "unidentified source," although if you follow Snoop's instagram and saw the photo of himself smoking next to a large bowl of weed, you might be able to surmise what the source was. Unfortunately the photo was taken down, but there's a candid photo of Snoop and his firefighting friends in the gallery above.