Snoop Dogg caused a bit of a controversy this week, when he randomly targeted Iggy Azalea in a series of social media posts, beginning with some memes, before escalating to threats and name-calling. Snoop has since apologized for his behavior, and conveniently enough, more news about his upcoming album has followed the high profile story.

We already knew that Pharrell would be providing the entirety of the production on Snoop Dogg's upcoming album, but Billboard has now reported that the record will also be released through the songwriter's I Am Other label (in association with Columbia). Features from Stevie Wonder (who we saw pictured in the studio with Snoop and Pharrell recently) and Charlie Wilson have been confirmed, and Snoop suggests "it’s completely different than anything [Pharrell and I have] ever done".

The album -- which will serve be the rapper's first proper studio album since Reggae experiment, Reincarnated -- is still without a title or a release date. Stay tuned for further details on the project.