Snoop Dogg may be lovable, but that doesn't mean he's not occasionally coldhearted. After all, lest we forget that Snoop Dogg is one of the only people to diss Suge Knight on wax; who else is respected in both gangland circles and Martha Stewart's book club? In any case, the legendary Doggfather has taken to Instagram to once again air out Kanye West. In fact, Snoop's latest message is possibly his most scathing thus far, and

Snoop and Kanye's history stems back to the Saint Pablo tour, when a confuddled Snoop seemingly watched Kanye West's downward spiral unfolding in real time. "This n***a crazy," remarks a visibly confused Snoop. "Them Sacramento n****s ain't feeling that shit!" Consider that the prequel. 

Since then, Snoop has had it out for Kanye, with Yeezy's vocal Trump support being the primary catalyst for his disdain. Now, in the wake of Ye and Donald Trump's surreal conversation, Snoop has once again opened the floodgates, seemingly poking at Kanye's sore spot. Taking to Instagram, Snoop took a break from his usual "Sunken Place" barbs to indulge in a karaoke session of Drake's "In My Feelings." Without saying Kanye's name directly, it's obvious that he's the intended recipient, given Snoop's message. 

"I may be on the late freight but I just found out who Kiki was!" says a jovial Snoop. "Kiki is your bitch! That's why you're so mad!" The epiphany clearly has Snoop over the moon with glee, as he belts out a hearty refrain of the song's mysterious chorus. "Drake put dick in your bitch!" he continues, no doubt remembering Kanye's IG rant aimed at Drake, Nick Cannon, and anyone else who dared mention Kim Kardashian's name. "I liked the song but I ain't know why I like it, now I really like it," says Snoop, with a grin.

It's crazy, but when it comes to this ongoing saga, there truly are levels to this shit. For one, Snoop Dogg and Daz Dillinger are cousins, and Daz previously had beef with West and the Kardashian clan earlier this year. Plus, Drake recently spoke about Ye's "manipulative" coup, in which he ultimately screwed the Scorpion rapper over in a calculated play. It's difficult to imagine Kanye West saying Snoop's name in any sort of retaliatory message, as Snoop would likely cherish the opportunity to truly let fly.