@CozomoMedici, a Twitter account now boasting more than 46K followers, was a Twitter account designed to share "tales & insights from the wild world of NFTs" but as of a couple day ago, was revealed to be yet another alter ego of California rap legend, Snoop Dogg.

Tweeting "I am @CozomoMedici," on Monday, Snoop revealed the true identity behind the cryptocurrency influencer account and changed the account's avatar to the cannabis-smoking "Hazy Nyan Cat" NyanDogg NFT, which was purchased for 4.24 ETH, the USD equivalent of $13,000.

Amy Sussman/Getty Images

Snoop, who has released NFTs this year, is hardly the first, or only, hip-hop legend to attach themselves to the new technology.Eminem has released his own NFTs and recently invested in an NFT startup called "MakersPlace.Method Man released a comic book series as NFTs, and just last week, it was announced that both Nas and Pusha T had made major investments inAudius, a new streaming platform built on blockchain, the same technology that makes NFTs possible. 


Despite only a short time spent in the mainstream, NFTs have found their way into the rap game and the game’s best business minds have taken full advantage. Releasing NFTs or investing in the technology, however, is not the same as masquerading as an NFT influencer on Twitter who tells stories of “useless” jpegs and tells his followers to “Grab a glass, take a seat & hold on tight,” before telling them a tale of their NFT experience. 

With the @CozomoMedici identity reveal, Snoop took arguably the furthest step into the NFT and crypto scene that any rapper has taken. 

Along with the Twitter account, Australia's Stockhead has reported that the Cozomo_de_Medici address on OpenSea, a digital NFT marketplace, owns over 100 NFTs and numerous “highly” coveted NFTs, including a handful of CryptoPunks and Art Blocks pieces. One of the CryptoPunks, CryptoPunk #3831, was purchased for 850 ETH, the USD equivalent of $2.6 million.

Snoop Dogg has never been afraid to put himself out there and occupy a ton of different money-making lanes but this has to be up there for one of the most surprising. Investing in NFTs and crypto is one thing, living a secret, double life as a NFT and cryptocurrency Twitter influencer is another. 


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