After giving us a teaser trailer for the upcoming Snoop Dogg album, BUSH, set to be executive produced by Pharrell, Snoop follows up with official album art today.

Keeping in the same theme as the trailer, the cover art has an array of green bushes with a blue dog in the foreground munching some bush (lol). It's pretty cool cover art.

Snoop is expected to drop "Peaches N Cream," the album's first single, later this month. When Snoop spoke to MTV on the album awhile back, he said of it, "It’s a great record me and Pharrell did from top to bottom. It feels good and I’m happy to be back in the studio working with one of my favorite producers and homeboys." He also added, "It’s completely different than anything we’ve ever done. It feels good, sounds good, looks good."

[Update: Release Date Revealed]

Snoop's album, BUSH, is now available for pre-order on iTunes, with an expected release date of May 12th. Listen to the new single "Peaches N Cream" here. Pre-order your copy here.