Almost a month ago Waka Flocka took a shot at Wiz Khalifa, saying that he has "no swag," and hyped his way to the top. Wiz Khalifa has not repsonded to Waka, but now Snoop Dogg has said a few words on it.

On Big Boy's Neighbourhood radio show Snoop Dogg said, "I'ma holla at Waka Flocka. That's where big Uncle Snoop come in at, 'cause we ain't about that negativity and none of that beef. We too old for that."

"I'ma snatch him up by the collar and say, 'Look here, partna. You got somethin' to say to Wiz, get at him personally.' We peaceful. We on nothing but peace right now."

"This is my guy right here," Snoop continued."I love Wiz 'cause he got the right spirit that Hip Hop needs. Too much negativity in the industry that always overwhelms his kind of spirit, and I'm here to let people know that this is the right kind of spirit [.]"