The Period Challenge has taken over Twitter. If you haven't seen any of the posts yet, we'll get you up-to-date. Women are sharing pictures of their backsides from a profile position, either making the "P" in the word "Period" if they're curvy, or the "I" if they're flat in the back. 

Snoop Dogg has seen the trend and he decided to get his own version started. However, instead of participating in the Period Challenge for himself, he decided to use the opportunity to troll the life out of Rick Ross.

Sharing the troll post without a caption, Snoop destroyed Rozay with a picture of an overweight person leaning onto a car. The way they're standing makes their backside look like it's spelling out an "R." In the actual shot, in the same the way "Period" would be written in, Snoop writes "ick Ross" instead, allowing the person's ass to be the "R."

The comments are filled with laughing emojis as, once again, Uncle Snoop has found a new way to be hilarious on social media without really even trying much. Given the amount of content that Snoop posts daily, it's a sure bet that he hits on the odd one and, this time, he definitely succeeded.

Rick Ross has not responded to the post.