Though it's not that difficult, young people of today looking to immerse themselves in hip-hop culture (or anywhere remotely adjacent) seem to continuously forget one essential rule. The legends of the genre are to be respected. It's not the first time youth have brazenly disrespected the pioneers, with an unearned cavalier demeanor. It's difficult to forget the gun-toting Woah Vicky's mush-drawl cries of "fuck you Snoop Dogg," as if the man didn't lay down a Suge Knight diss track on wax. 

For reasons unknown, Snoop has recently found himself a lightning rod for would-be clout chasers. Case in point, the legendary rapper was recently put on blast by one Celina Powell, known for faking pregnancies; most recently, she engaged in a sociopathic performance as Offset's baby-mama. To quote Maury Povich, "that was a lie." Now, she's somehow managed to pull Snoop into her web, accusing him of cheating on his wife, while providing dubious "proof" at best. Either way, the whole thing feels like the "girl who cried wolf," and should be handled with the same rational wariness one might allot to a Bigfoot sighting.

Now, Snoop Dogg is fighting back, determined to expose the truth one and for all. Given that his name has been continuously sullied, Snoop has whipped together what promises to be an interesting look into those styled "Clout Chasers," hopefully exposing them once and for all. In a promising trailer, Snoop sits at a control panel, playing back footage of Woah Vicky's notorious rants, alongside Celina Powell admitting her lies to DJ Akademiks. Blunt in hand, Snoop can only shake his head. 

In 1992, Snoop Dogg and Dr. Dre made history on The Chronic. In 1993, the duo continued the streak with the release of the bonafide classic Doggystyle. Since then, Snoop has gone on to enjoy one of hip-hop's most storied careers; from Long Beach up-and-comer to a worldwide icon. for some context, Powell was born in 1995; Vicky was born in 2000.

Say what you will about the man, but every so often Birdman's wisdom rings true: "put some respect on my name." Indeed. Look out for "Clout Chasers," supposedly coming soon.