For arguably your most unethical story of the day, a charity organization in Bulgaria was reportedly trying to throw a benefit concert together to raise money for kids in war zones, but instead were scammed of over $360K by the promoter & his company by using a fake Snoop Dogg reenactment TMZ reports.

Krasimir Dachev, a rep for Bulgarian nonprofit Peace for You Peace for Me, filed a lawsuit against Brandon Allen and his company, Rich America, who claimed they would deliver Britney Spears & Snoop Dogg for a benefit concert back in 2016. However, the only thing was that the promoter demanded fees around $360,000 to secure a date & to start the negotiations.

Dachev says Allen sent a video claiming to be Snoop Dogg shouting out the concert, but anyone can tell it’s definitely not Snoop. Nevertheless, they still bought it, and believed it to be him, going along with the payment.

Dachev says they were catching onto the fraud when the company, Rich America, tried to substitute Spears for someone named Natalie LaRose, and then Snoop eventually backed out. They asked for a refund, but Allen & his company reportedly said no, hence the lawsuit.

Peace for You Peace for Me is suing Rich America for the $360k, plus more than $2.5 mil in other lost expenses. 

For what it’s worth, Snoop Dogg himself had nothing to do with this story, just more people trying to make money off his name. Check out the fake Snoop in the clip (below).