When Gucci Mane was released from prison in 2016, one of the things at the top of his to-do list was marry his girlfriend, Keyshia Ka'oir. Even though the two met during a period when Gucci was in and out of jail, they fell deeply in love and Keyshia stayed by his side throughout it all. Not long after Gucci became a free man, the Wopsters were walking down the aisle at their extravagant wedding

You may not remember, but their wedding spawned a meme and that meme spawned a debate. The meme consisted of a photo of the happy couple holding hands at their wedding and a caption that read: 

"Everybody wants this, But what y'all forget is she was with Wild Gucci, on drugs Gucci, cheating Gucci, in jail Gucci, publicity with other women Gucci | This is Gucci after therapy / rehabilitation | This is a street Man Groomed in his 30's after he's been at his lowest | Point, this is a RIDER who knew what she signed up for, Yall other females is with another dude after a couple fights."

The meme circulated and many women were enraged by the rationale behind the praise of Keyshia. The caption seemed to be arguing that women should endure trifling behaviour from their partners in hopes of being benefitted at some point in the future. 

Well, Snoop Dogg did see anything problematic about the meme because he somehow stumbled upon and decided to repost it. Snoop being Snoop, he likely posted it with the sole intent of complimenting Keyshia's loyalty. Anderson .Paak chimed in to express his agreement with Snoop's message, commenting "And that's that." Gucci also responded by affirming "Yessir My wife my Secret Weapon."