Snoop Dogg is seriously considering becoming a Canadian citizen. He made this declaration while promoting his new book From Crook to Cook. During an interview with Etalk, a Canadian entertainment news outlet, the rapper explained why he would want to move North, stating his appreciation for the nation clearly: "Canada love me and I love Canada. That's my second home." 

Jag Gundu/Getty Images

He turned to the camera to address Canadians, asking "Canada, would you have me? Take me." He continues to say that the country "deserves" to have him and insists that he is "so serious" about making this status change. He later reveals what he would cook for his fellow rapper Drake who happens to be Canadian. Watch the clip after the jump.

The entertainer said he wants to make his dual citizenship official by January 2019. Apart from his love for Canada, Snoop's desire is also propelled by his dislike for the current American president: "I don't like him and he don't like me." 

Snoop Dogg displayed his love with an endearing rendition of the Canadian national anthem (kinda). He raised his right hand in allegiance and sang, "O Canada, let me in your home, so I can be a citizen."