It's hard being a Kanye West fan these days. The rapper's allegiance with Trump and the extreme right has made many people question Kanye West's motives. In the days leading up to Kanye West's release of his upcoming album, Yandhi, he made two controversial appearances at The Fader office and SNL where he continued to profess his love for Donald Trump. Snoop Dogg's been highly critical of Kanye over the past few months and after this weekend, the West Coast legend had some words on 'Ye's MAGA hat.

After Kanye West said that his MAGA hat represented "good and America becoming whole again," DJ Pooh took a slight jab at the Chicago rapper and said that the MAGA actually stands for "Music Ain't Getting Attention." It didn't take long for Snoop Dogg to chime in.

"Make ya music great again n***a," he wrote. "Uncle Tom. Ass n***a."

Kanye West's pro-Trump rant at SNL and his MAGA hat caused several other celebrities to call him out. Lana Del Rey called out 'Ye and said that his support for Trump is a "loss for the culture." Meek Mill and Swizz Beatz also called out Kanye West for his recent appearances.

While Snoop urges Kanye to make better music, we'll get the chance to hear if Kanye will manage to redeem his actions on Yandhi which has been pushed back to Black Friday.