Yes, Soulja Boy has made a comeback with his entrepreneurial moves such as the Soulja Watch and his Soulja Game console. He also claimed that he's entered a new chapter of his life, dubbing himself Soulja Man. Although we're happy for the "Crank That" rapper we're not so sure he's eligible for the comeback of the year award, especially compared to Tyga

Three of Tyga's 2018 releases, "Taste," "Dip," and "Swish," have reached Gold and Platinum status and he's still pumping out bangers with latest releases such as "Floss In The Bank."

All of their achievements come into question since Soulja hopped on Instagram live last week going off about Tyga detailing how he's had a better comeback. "I'm on fire right now!" Soulja said. "I had the biggest comeback of 2018. N***as up here talking about Tyga. Tyga!? Tyga? Huh? Tyga had the biggest [comeback]? Man, get the fuck out of here!" 

Snoop Dogg has ever so casually dropped off his opinion on the matter, with a meme that sees Soulja's Instagram rant accompanied by a lot of recognizable people giving their "wtf" face. Snoop captioned the video "Tell em."

Check it out below.