Snoop Dogg continues to be one of the most beloved entertainers in the Hip Hop community. His contributions to the industry and culture reflect a timeless impact and notable career. And of the many things we love about him, we can cite Snoop's sense of humor. Uncle Snoop recently joined in on some Instagram antics after Ha Ha Davis shared a photo of himself standing by controversial rapper DaBaby. The comedian flexed his social media muscle with the photo which he captioned: "Go where I want I'm good," which are the lyrics to DaBaby's budding single "Suge." While the photo was fly, a few social media users noted a slight resemblance between the two. 

"Y'all got the same daddy," proudly chimed in Snoop Dogg in reference to the noticeable semblance. The comedic comment encouraged other users to comment on the likeness between DaBaby and Davis. "DaBaby and HaHa baby," commented a fan. "Long lost brother," added another with some laughing emojis. "Me on payday vs. on other days," mocked the other, referring to DaBaby's chic look which differed from Ha Ha's more laid-back style. TheShadeRoom captured the moment and people have been going in ever since. What do you think? Do you see a resemblance here?