If you invite Snoop Dogg somewhere, expect the permeating odor of weed to follow. It's that simple. Yet some people are left surprised by his smoking habits, despite the fact that they're basically common knowledge at this point. Such was the hard lesson learned by the ArcLight Hollywood cinema, upon holding a premiere for Harmony Korrine's The Beach Bum flim. The film itself, which stars Snoop Dogg and Matthew McConaughey navigating a weed-soaked beachfront paradise, seemed to encourage a little bit of art imitating life. 

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Upon entering the theater's "green room," Uncle Snoop proceeded to spark up and presumably kept it going for an extended period of time. The theater staff had a problem with Snoop's dismissal of the "no smoking" policy, so much so they reportedly sent a message to premiere organizers. "The main issue is that the talent smoked weed in the green room,” explained one of the staff. “The site has spent all day airing it out and I checked it about two hours ago and it smells a bit better, just a faint smell remains.”

Clearly, Snoop's inclination to spark up wherever he goes is not appreciated by everyone. Especially those employed at the ArcLight Hollywood cinema. Where do you stand on this one? Should Snoop abstain from lighting up in private establishments, or is it simply an expected part of his charm?