EA Sports has officially announced that Snoop Dogg is now available as a guest commentator in NHL 20.

This isn't Snoop's first time handling broadcast duties, as he recently helped call a Los Angeles Kings game, in addition to some play-by-play during a Spurs vs Lakers game last month. Not only does Snoop have experience in the broadcast booth but he also has a history of teaming up with EA Sports. The DoggFather had already been added to Madden 20's "Superstar KO" mode as a wide receiver, joining the likes of other hip-hop stars such as DJ Khaled and Lil Yachty, both of whom can be used as QBs.

Check out what to expect from Uncle Snoop in NHL 20 in the teaser video embedded below.

In addition to Snoop's inclusion in the game, EA Sports also announced several other changes in an effort to improve the NHL 20 gaming experience. Most notably, they're looking to combat "pivot spamming." 

According to Gamespot, the latest NHL 20 update features the following:


  • Restricted directional toe drags to when a skater is moving forwards
  • Improved player switching cases when a teammate has been injured
  • Fixed a rare issue where tall players were unable to receive passes consistently (This would have been seen the most on D to D passes to stationary players pivoting to face the net)
  • Fixed physics updates with goaltenders.


  • Improved ability for Weakside defender to stay with their check on the rush


  • If players continually pivot, their skating will be impacted more realistically
  • Puck carriers pivot speeds will be impacted by trying to pivot at high speeds to simulate what they would need to do to keep control of the puck