Would you ever pay $924 for a t-shirt? What if that t-shirt had your face stamped on the front of it? If you answer 'no' then you and Snoop Dogg have at least one thing in common.

In a recent interview with Hypebeast, Snoop Dogg found out that Vetements was selling a shirt with his face on it for a cool $924. As it turns out, the shirt being sold by Vetements is a replica of an old tee that was for sale via Death Row Merchandise way back in 1993. 

When he found out about the '900-something dollar' shirt, his reaction was classic Snoop:

"Are you serious?! Where do you buy that shirt?" he said. "How do you sell a picture of Snoop Dogg on a T-shirt for $924?"

"I wouldn’t even pay 900-something dollars for a Snoop Dogg shirt and I know the muthaf***a," he said. "Hell nah, hell nah!"

"Nah, but that’s a good thing man, continued success to whoever sellin’ it man, hopefully one day soon y’all give me something," he said. "Break bread or fake dead, y’all know what it is!"