Christmas Day is not just great because of family and presents, it's amazing because it's a day filled with NBA matchups. The league always finds a way to construct intriguing matchups on Christmas Day and that's exactly what they did when they put the Los Angeles Lakers and Los Angeles Clippers together at the Staples Center. In the end, the Clippers came out on top with a 111-106 victory that had Lakers fans frustrated all game long. Now, the Lakers are on a four-game losing streak and there is no guarantee they'll be able to hang on to the number one seed in the Western Conference.

One of the Lakers' most prominent fans is Snoop Dogg and he was understandably upset about the loss. After the game, Snoop took to social media where he delivered an epic rant in which he claims the team ruined his Christmas. The whole thing is pretty NSFW and calls out Lakers players for taking ill-advised three-point shots.

We're sure many other Lakers fans were feeling the same way as Snoop, especially when you consider how that whole game played out. With just six minutes left, the Lakers had a 7-point lead and it was completely obliterated due to poor shooting and mistakes down the stretch.

Perhaps his rant will encourage the Lakers to snap out of this downward spiral.