Lou Williams was caught at Magic City with Jack Harlow, being criticized for leaving the NBA Bubble to go to the strip club. He had been granted permission to head to Atlanta for a reported family emergency, stopping by the club before heading back to Orlando. When he was asked about the reason why he was there, Lou explained that he needed some of the wings off the menu.

During a recent conversation with Shannon Sharpe, Snoop Dogg confirmed that the wings, strips, and catfish nuggets are indeed really good and that there's a chance Lou wasn't capping about the food.

Mike Ehrmann/Getty Images

"Last night, we were trying to get something to eat and we had to go 'head and do what Lemon Pepper Lou did, slide over to Magic City," said the rapper while laughing. "Their food game is spectacular. Not only is the hors-d'oeuvres great but the menu is amazing... The salad was seasoned so good, I started eating the salad without a fork. I went in straight with my hands."

Snoop may be cracking jokes but he would be among the first to tell you how good the food is at Magic.

During the same interview, Sharpe asked Snoop about the rapper's first time voting this November. The two also discussed Snoop's bond with Dr. Dre, which made the legend compare Dre to Bill Belichick, saying that he got the right "coaching staff" around Snoop and facilitated his success.

Have you ever been to Magic City?