Snoop Dogg took to Instagram last week to share with the world how he alleviates stress-- vibing out to the Frozen soundtrack in a parked car. 

The hilarious video, which has now amassed 1 million views, simply shows Snoop sitting in his car with a hoodie on gazing into the camera as "Let it Go" blares through the stereos. Snoop doesn’t speak or react until about 10 seconds into the video, when he flashes a smile and says, “I had to come sit in my car and listen to this shit, man. Let it go.” He goes quiet again, letting "Let it Go" play out. He then reiterates, “I’m just sitting in my car listening to 'Let it Go,'” and ends the video with a message of hope, “We’ll be outside soon.”

Snoop, whose recent dealings with snitch allegations and 6ix9ine may be the source of his stress, simply captioned the video “Let it go.” 

The video unexpectedly went viral amongst Twitter users, particularly because of the wholesome content.  

Frozen voice actress and singer of "Let it Go" Idina Menzel responded to Snoop on Twitter with a video of her jamming out to his hit, "Drop It Like It’s Hot." She echoed similar sentiments to Snoop, about getting out of the pandemic soon, and added, "Like you said, Snoop, we can all just drop it like it's hot."