Legendary hip hop radio host, Angie Martinez, just premiered her new series, Untold Stories of Hip Hop, on WeTV last Thursday. As can be surmised from the name, on the show, Martinez interviews old and new friends of the industry in order to extract confidential information about what goes on behind-the-scenes in this chaotic world.

For the first episode, Martinez brought on Snoop Dogg, with whom she goes way back. The two recollected the heated hip hop landscape of the 90s due to fierce regional rivalries. Whenever East Coast and West Coast artists were gathered under the same roof for an award show, tension was at an all-time high and every interactions threatened to detonate. The 1996 MTV Video Music Awards at Radio City Music Hall was one of these occasions. 

Snoop and Martinez both recall seeing Tupac and Nas encounter one another that night, but Snoop provided the details of the words that were exchanged. Snoop explained that Nas "didn't have a lot of people with him, but he had a lot of people with him, if you know what I'm saying" - meaning, Nas was well-protected by his strapped friends, as he was in his hometown. "I'm seeing 'em with their hands on they guns," Snoop continued. Nas introduced himself to Pac as a big fan of his music, but Pac wasn't having it. Pac apparently made clear to Nas that he wasn't messing with any East Coast rappers by mentioning how he dissed Nas, Biggie and Jay-Z on a song. Despite Pac's hostility, Nas was still trying to spread love, hugging Pac and assuring him that he'd never diss him. 

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Martinez and Snoop then discussed the day following the VMAs, when Snoop went on Martinez's HOT 97 radio show. In the interview, Snoop said that he was cool with the East Coast and was down to work with them, which sent Pac into a conniption. Snoop then recalled having to fly back from New York to Los Angeles with Pac and his crew. No one would speak to Snoop, so he sat at the back of the plane alone, gripping a fork and knife under a blanket in case anyone attacked him. Snoop still tried to patch things up with Pac when getting off the flight, but Pac shooed him away. That was the last time they saw each other. 

Snoop went on to disclose more untold stories, one being when Suge wouldn't let the founders of Uber discuss investment opportunities with Snoop in a club back in 2013. Considering this was during the massive company's nascent period, Snoop's investment could've resulted in major returns. Of course, Snoop still didn't seem too salty about Suge blocking this bag. 

Watch the series premiere of Untold Stories of Hip Hop here.