A German streetwear retailer has linked up with Snoop Dogg for a promotional video in an effort to drum up awareness about their shop and recent spring collection. While Snoop dons a SNIPES T-shirt at the beginning of the video, he doesn’t spend any time talking about the sponsor.

Instead, Snoop talks about how far he’s come, but stresses “no one should determine when your journey is over.” He delivers other inspirations gems such as: “don’t be like me, be like you,” and “when you let someone else paint your finish line, you’re giving up control of your own destiny.” Maybe Snoop has a career in inspirational speaking like DJ Khaled?

The video also shows the Doggfather swaggering through his compound in Los Angeles and it is quite impressive. He’s got an indoor basketball court, a gambling area with full-sized craps tables and a huge studio. Let us come hang, Snoop. We don't mind the uncensored version of "The Next Episode."

Check out the clothing collection over at the Snipes website.