We've heard some talk of Snoop Dogg and Pharell cooking something special up in the studio, from photos of the Doggfather putting in work with Stevie Wonder, to Skateboard P saying that the record is better than his own, but it appears we finally have confirmation from the man himself.

Snoop recently previewed a selection from the record, which seems like it may be venturing fully into the funk direction the rapper has always hinted at, and in a new interview with MTV, he confirmed that the record's production is helmed entirely by Pharrell, ensuring that it will sound like nothing you've heard from him before.

“It’s a great record me and Pharrell did from top to bottom. It feels good and I’m happy to be back in the studio working with one of my favorite producers and homeboys,” he said. “It’s different — it’s completely different than anything we’ve ever done. It feels good, sounds good, looks good.”

As for whether he'll be using a different moniker for the project, the rapper explained that he's keeping it OG this time around. “Snoop Dogg — he’ll be on my album. Just Snoop Dogg with two Gs, baby.”