Snoop Dogg has said on multiple occasions that he would do anything and everything for his hometown Los Angeles Lakers. This week, he showcased that much by getting a brand new tattoo to celebrate their championship win.

Regularly spotted in the courtside seats when there isn't a raging pandemic controlling our everyday movements, Snoop has proven to be a diehard Lakers fan. Unsurprisingly, with that said, he's also a massive Clippers' hater. 

The Clippers have never won a championship. Meanwhile, the Lakers are celebrating their seventeenth NBA Finals victory after defeating the Miami Heat on Sunday night.

Too excited to contain himself, Snoop ran straight to the tattoo shop to get some ink following their win, showing off the process with the renowned artist Mister Cartoon. 

As described by the legend himself, the piece features Kobe Bryant's initials at the bottom of his forearm, the Larry O'Brien trophy up above, the Lakers' logo, and the gates of Heaven up top. Many Lakers fans are sending tributes to the late Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna, who LeBron James, Anthony Davis, and the other players used as motivation to win another ring for the Bryant family. This is Snoop's way of doing so.

While he was getting the work done, Snoop couldn't help but troll Clippers' fans by saying that this is a feeling that they have never experienced, considering the team has never won a championship.

"Anything for the Lakers, everything for the Lakers, all day for the Lakers, fuck the Clippers," laughed the icon. "Getting that ink. That championship shit. You know, something the Clippers don't know nothing about."

It sounds like Snoop had a good time getting his tattoo and trolling the Clippers.

What do you think of the piece?