Celebrities are attempting to use their notoriety to help those that they feel have been wronged by the criminal justice system. Snoop Dogg has added his name to that list as he's campaigning for the District Attorney of Delaware County, Pennsylvania to re-examine the evidence in a 39-year-old case. In 1980, Leroy Evans was 24-years-old when he was convicted of murdering neighborhood "Avon Lady" Emily Leo after 17-year-old Anthony Jones told police that Evans helped him in the crime.

For decades Evans has denied his involvement in the murder and years ago Jones reortedly recanted his original story, admitting to authorities that Evans wasn't involved. There is a call for new DNA testing to be done in order to prove Evans' guilt or innocence, and Snoop recently made a video with words of encouragement for the longtime prisoner.

Scott Gries/Getty Images

“Leroy Evans what up it’s your boy Snoop Dogg," the rapper says. "Keep your head up, that DNA evidence gonna come they for you loved one. Stay strong, I know you waited 39 years but it’s going to come through for you. There is a God, so says Snoop Dogg. Hey, I got love for you in a real way. Let's go." Ice-T has also petitioned on behalf of Evans by saying, "Come on DA, you know I’m not a real cop and I just play one on TV, but I think this man, after 39 years in prison, whatever the crime may be, deserves at least to get that DNA test so he can clear himself," adding "Leroy, you’re in there for 39, man, I can’t even imagine it. Alright? Good luck with this fight man, that’s all I can say."

Police officer John Kaisner and husband to victim Emily Leo's niece Theresa believes that if Ice-T read the case files, he wouldn't be backing the convicted murderer. “He’s not only misinformed, but I don’t even know how he got involved,” said Kaisner. “For a guy that started out making the big living he’s making now by rapping ‘kill cops,’ I have no respect for him anyhow, but he has no basis in this case.”