Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart's relationship is one of the most unexpected pairings in Hollywood. They come from completely different worlds yet their mutual love and respect for the culinary arts and cannabis have formed a tight bond with one another. It began in 2008 when Snoop first appeared on Martha's show and blossomed into a television show of their own where they host their celebrity friends for an eventful dinner.

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Snoop and Martha recently reconnected to help launch BIC's new EZ Reach lighter where they sat down for a round of Lit Questions. The minute-long segment kicks off with the two of them discussing their favorite garden herbs to cook with. "It was always something green. It was either broccoli or garlic. Does that qualify as a --," said Snoop. Martha clarified that broccoli is not a herb but cannabis does qualify as one.

Maybe the oddest moment of the lightning round of questions was when Snoop Dogg asked Martha to drop her tips of the best thirst traps. Ultimately, she summed it up with three key points. "Try to look good morning, noon, and night," said Martha.

And while Snoop Dogg leaped into asking Martha what her favorite thing to smoke is, turns out that it's not cannabis. She explained that she's a fan of smoking turkeys and chicken which Snoop can still get down with.

Peep the clip below.