Hip-Hop Historians are eating today. With the return of Snoop Dogg's GGN series is upon us, kicking off with an exciting conversation between The Doggfather and No Limit CEO Master P. Opening the interview with a testament to P's influence, Snoop praises him as both his "mentor" and his "g." It's clear that the No Limit CEO is excited to be sitting alongside his former artist, wasting little time in reflecting on some of their finest hours. "It's crazy all the stuff we done did," says P. "They have no clue." Before long, he's diving into his own origin story, reminiscing on the first time he put out music in 1992. "When I came down to LA to the swap meets, Eazy-E opened his arms to me and said 'man I'ma bring you to Julio G.' That's how I got my first song on the radio. It was on after that!" 

Reflecting on P's "hands-on" approach to business, Snoop drops some gems on his own No Limit experience. "When I was on No Limit, I watched you do everything P," remembers Snoop. "From creating the business to starting the business to showing people how to do it. You always wanted to teach ownership." Explaining that Michael Jackson's lawyer taught him the importance of the distribution deal, P made sure to move accordingly. Taking it back to Snoop's time, P revealed that he never intended for Snoop to set up permanent camp there. "No Limit is a university," he says. "When you make it out of there, I want you to blossom, go handle your business. Twenty years later, you still in the game, I'm still in the game."

Bennett Raglin/Getty Images 

He proceeds to detail the time he had to negotiate Snoop's musical freedom from a then-incarcerated Suge Knight. "I sit down, I said 'look man. Snoop trying to do his thing, what you want for the deal?" says P. After Suge countered saying an existing deal was in place, P offered to sweeten the deal with an additional $300 thousand. Snoop makes sure to thank P for getting his publishing back, joking that No Limit truly was like a university. "It was like dorms," he laughs. "Soulja Slim lived over there, C Murda lived over there. There was some gangsta shit that went down!" 

What follows is an elaborate tale in which the late Soulja Slim was thurst into the role of an inadvertent wingman, after Snoop's side-chick accidentally cussed out his main girl on the phone. "I'm like Soulja Slim, I need you to cover for me!" he says, his voice pleading. "Say that this bitch was yours! Please say that she was yours!" Lo and behold, Slim did exactly that, although the master plan didn't exactly work. "That's the type of school we went through. We loved each other, we picked each other up, we ate together. We went to the waffle house together. We rapped together." 

For many more classic tales from two of the game's storied OGs, check out the full episode of GGN below.