With the rise of TikTok as the latest social media platform to take over and command our attention, there have been a few viral videos of people making their grandparents rate rappers by their looks. The formula is seemingly foolproof, especially if you've got a grandmother that's as expressive as the woman going viral right now for her reactions to DaBaby, Snoop Dogg, and plenty of other rappers.

Judging a group of rappers solely by their looks and without their musical prowess in mind, one woman's grandmother shared her truth as she seemingly trashed everybody that came into the picture... except for Uncle Snoop. The video, in which the grandmother rates Rod Wave a 1/10, Lil Durk a 0/10, and Lil Baby a 5/10 for his dimples, has been picking up in views, with DaBaby and Snoop chiming in with their own reactions to it.

"Granny Rated," boasted Snoop, reposting the video after receiving a 15/10 on her test. Snoop was the only rapper that the woman lit up for. DaBaby was the first to receive the underwhelming score of 1/10, which prompted him to respond in the comments. "Damn gma," he wrote. "Yeen got no love for baby?"

Watch the funny video up top. Last year, a similar video went viral as a different woman lusted over Dave East, A$AP Rocky, Chris Brown, and others. Read about that here.