On Friday, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi revealed that she has no plans to return for a fourth season of Jersey Shore: Family Reunion. According to Complex, the reality star explained on her podcast, It's Happening with Snooki and Joey, that, while there were a number of reasons for her decision, being away from her children is atop the list.

"Probably my biggest issue now is being able to shoot the show and have a good time, but also not be depressed missing my kids," Snooki said. "So that’s definitely a hurdle. That’s why we’re not filming for months on end. We used to film for four, five weeks straight, and that’s just physically impossible for me. Mentally I can’t do that because I need to see my kids."

"Lately on the show, it’s just been very drama," Snooki added. "I’m not leaving my kids days on end to film the show when that’s the result of it."

Snooki has been a staple in the cast since the start of the show's original run back in 2009. Since, she's gained noticeable fame, competing on Dancing with the Stars, making multiple WWE appearances and more. You can listen to her podcast on Apple here.