With Joker being the biggest movie in America right now, Saturday Night Live decided to have some fun at the film's expense last night. “Grouch” is the name of fictional take on Oscar the Grouch’s origin story, a clear parody of Joker

The host of the show, David Harbour, nails his impression of Joaquin Pheonix’s Joker, turning actual lines into spoofs such as, “if everyone calls you trash, if everyone treats you like trash, why don’t you just become trash?” or “Can you do me one favor? Can you call me the Grouch?” 

The setting is a grim version of Sesame Street ridden with drugs and crime. Other characters from the children's show pop up as well. Bert and Ernie make an appearance, but Ernie is brutally stabbed while Bert weeps in horror. A homeless Cookie Monster, Big Bird as a stripper, and a pill-addicted Count all appear as well. 

The bit is one of many from a successful Saturday Night Live episode. Pete Davidson made his return during Harbour’s monologue and played a role in the “Weekend Update” segment. Camila Cabello helmed the musical performances with renditions of her tracks “Cry for Me” and “Easy.” Check out “Grouch,” SNL’s Joker parody below.