Soulja Boy's appearance on The Breakfast Club made waves for a number of reasons. His criticism of Drake and Kanye West caused a scene as much as his infamous Gucci headband. Saturday Night Live tapped into the humor of the interview during their last episode. They cast Chris Redd to give his best impression of the rapper. View the clip after the jump.

Redd sat down as "Soulja Boy" to discuss politics. During the discussion that touched upon the US government's shutdown, he offered himself as the next presidential candidate with “Crank That 2020." Ol' Boi also had no qualms about challenging the current commander-in-chief.  "Truuuuuump?!" he responded. "Trump? The dude that got bodied by the popular vote? The dude that got beef with Nancy Pelosi? Trump? You better get out of here. I ain't hearing you, man." The Breakfast club nods continued: "Without Big Soulja there wouldn't be no Trump. I'm the one that helped him to the top."

During the actual interview, the real Soulja Boy did, in fact, criticize Donald Trump and slammed his supporters. “We looking at you like you goofy, bro,” Soulja said. “You supporting Trump, bro? What the f--- wrong with you? That shit not right. You need to stop supporting Trump. You got to put on for the black community.”