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Snippet Of New Drake Music Surfaces At A Recent Party

  Jan 02, 2018 13:44
Hopefully this one drops soon.

After the release of More Life, Drake went pretty quiet on a music front. While the rapper was touring and embarking on other creative ventures, Drake hasn't really dropped off much new music since. As a matter of fact, you could probably count on your hands how many features and music drops he's done since More Life. Regardless, anytime new Drake music surfaces, it's an exciting moment. Some footage surfaced online today of some new music from Drake which is also rumored to feature Trippie Redd.

Some footage has hit the Internet with new music from Drake. While it's not CDQ or even a proper recording, someone posted a video on social media that previews some upcoming music from Drake. The song is rumored to be called "God's Plan" and supposedly features Trippie Redd. Unfortunately, the footage that surfaced doesn't contain any vocals from Trippie. The song teeters on a more melodic sound rather than his rapping style. Regardless, it still sounds fire.

Trippie Redd is one of the many rumored collaborators Drake has locked in studio time with in recent times. There's been new snippets of Drake music surfacing over the past few months including a new track with Quavo. He and Pi'erre Bourne have also confirmed that they got some work cookin' up as well.

Earlier in the holiday season, a new Drake song titled "Pistols" surfaced on the Internet. Many have been eagerly waiting for Drake to drop some new music but that seems to be the closest thing we have to it so far. 

Check the snippet below via Hypebeast.

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top comment

We been heard this shit. Late ass niggas. Hnhh should’ve been had this up. Smh

- Jan 3, 2018

😂😂😂shit old af

Ten Sack
- Jan 3, 2018

You fuckers this leaked a minute ago

- Jan 2, 2018

Should've recorded some of Trippie's feature, too if it played at that party.

That snippet sounds like the 2018 summer anthem. Drake got this year locked down already sorry to all the other "rappers"

- Jan 3, 2018

Thanks bro I'll tell him that when I see him tonight btw congrats on your TOTY award you deserve it 😋😋😎

Nobody cares lmao, WE as a whole on hnhh dont care about him, it's 2018 we only rock with kendrick, Drake be dead af and have like 2 comments cus nobody care... kendrick > Drakd

the mod squad
- Jan 3, 2018

Weirdo...there are literally 35+ comments below yours. Ffs at least hate with some credibility geez

- Jan 2, 2018

Sounds nice

Hate snippets , drop CDQ

- Jan 2, 2018

There was another Drake song too

Also. Mark my words. Trippie's year is bout to look like 21's 2017. That lil nigga is dope & I don't usually cosign these lil niggas like that. Talented all the way around.

Trippie got the Chris Brown Co sign. It don't get any better than that. Plus he has 2 CB collabs on his debut album which will officially blow up him and make his career. "Dancer" & "Lost My Mind". Breezy stay making careers. Been doing it since 05.

Hiphop is in a sad state if a retarded nigga like trippie has 2018

Whodat 🍍☁️
- Jan 2, 2018

Actually Lil Wayne got 2018. He stepped down to give these lil artists a chance, now he’s back like he never left. Chris Brown said himself “Lil Wayne the God himself has return”. @Deathstroke | HBOAFM 💔🌕🏆🔥🐐 :

@Whodat 🍍☁️ : Actually Chris Brown got 2018, Just like he had 2005-2017. Chris Brown took the stage, established his position at the throne and hasn't stepped down since. I know CB said that since Wayne is his favorite rapper. Breezy also said "You can be dope and humble at the same time". CB is the most humble artist in the world. Gives to those in need, praises artists, never flexing his GOAT status. Do you know why? Because everyone already says it and recognizes it.

Whodat 🍍☁️
- Jan 2, 2018

Just like Lil Wayne had 1991-2017. Don’t kid yourself. When Lil Wayne is in the game, he owns the game. He’s the star player, the captain, everyone else is just players. I love Drake though and in fact he’s my favorite rapper. He’s hell of sexier than both Wayne and CB. @Deathstroke | HBOAFM 💔🌕🏆🔥🐐 :

Youngest Sinatra
- Jan 3, 2018

@St. Trayvon Of The Blessed Hoodie : Trippie Redd lyrically one the worst rappers to do it. He can spit when he wants to though and he's doing shit nobody else has done.

Ohhh, so this is the Trippie collab. That 1st snippet didn't have the tag. I was thinking this was Pierre, but I guess not. I didn't hear the "Yo Pierre" tag.

Makaveli The Don
- Jan 2, 2018

Sounds like something I've heard before.

- Jan 2, 2018

DJ need to cool it with the sound effects

- Jan 2, 2018

lmfaoooo facts

- Jan 2, 2018

Damn drake. Give these other rappers a chance to eat. If you release new music niggas like Kendrick and Cole won't make it in 2018.

ricardo martinez
- Jan 2, 2018

Finally some🔥🔥🔥

Everest College
- Jan 2, 2018

Song sounds good but please take out those annoying ass horns and gun sounds

Didn't realize after clicking the Hypebeast snippet link that there would be more.


- Jan 2, 2018

I highly doubt drake gives trippie a verse

- Jan 2, 2018

Trippie's tag is on the song, why would he have his tag but not have him feature on it.

Eazy Dinero
- Jan 2, 2018

there's other new snippets

called GODS PLAN

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