As we all know, designs for Nike shoes dubbed with "What The" are usually highly coveted and very rare. Additionally, "What The" series shoes will take a designer brand and a classic Nike silhouette or a signature athlete's shoe and combine them with crazy color blocking patterns in an eye-dazzling manner.

And that is exactly what sneaker customizer Malcolm Garret did with his "What The Legend" rendition of the classic Air Jordan 1. The customizer decided to draw inspiration from Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird for the design of the sneaker and it turned out to be one of the cleanest "What The" sneaker customs we have seen in a while.

The shoe features a jet black base and color injections that favor each of the legends team colors. You can check out the sneakers in the gallery above and visit Malcolm's website here for more information on how you can get a pair of custom made sneakers like these ones. Additionally, you can check out this cool time lapse video of the customizer working on an Air Jordan 1 custom in the video below.