Snapchat has recently gone through the wringer after news broke that the company's stock price plummeted to an alarming new low, alongside the revelation that they have also laid off 100 employees. However, this has not stopped the popular social media application from labouring over new and exciting updates for the widely used photo and video sharing platform. 

The company has confirmed that they will be allowing users to tag one another in posts, which echoes certain capabilities found within Instagram. This feature can be accessed by typing an "@" followed by a person's username, which will enable a pop-up window showcasing said user's handle, and Bitmoji (if applicable), as well as the ability to add them as a friend. 

If a user has been tagged in a post, they will receive a standard notification similar to Instagram and Facebook. As of right now, there is no concrete date as to when this new feature will be rolled out on the app, as it is currently still in Beta testing for the time being. 

In related news, Future took to Snapchat to preview some new tracks he has been cooking up in the studio. These short snippets reveal the rapper's usual trap-inflected sounds, as well as an untitled collaboration with none other than Drake